Larkyn Austman figure skater

Vegan figure skater Larkyn Austman has quickly made an impact on her sport. By age 20 she had already won medals in national and international competition.

Ramona Cadogan strong vegan

Ramona is a masters weightlifter, competing nationally in America and also internationally. Competing in the 63 kg category, she has also competed in powerlifting, although has had more success with Olympic lifting.

Nigel Morton powerlifter strong vegan vegetarian from birth

Nigel is a powerlifter whose enthusiasm for his sport has led him to train others as well as compete.  His training has brought him national success with some amazing lifts.

Karl Bruder bodybuilder

Karl Bruder is a bodybuilder who has impressed everyone as he has made great advances in the sport.

Yolanda Presswood powerlifter strong vegan

Yolanda Presswood is a powerlifter who has achieved great things very quickly.

Lisa Gawthorne cyclist runner

Lisa is established as an active multisport athlete, representing Team GB in Duathlon and competing for European and World honours.

Tammy Fry Kelly fighter vegetarian from birth

Tammy Fry Kelly is well known both for her business activities and her achievements in sport.

Jay Oliveira fighter

Jay has made a rapid impact on the martial art of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu as he has fought his way to the very top.

Stefhan Andersen cyclist runner swimmer

Swedish national triathlon champion Stefhan Andersen celebrates a decade as a vegan this year, having turned vegan in 2007.

Julia Hubbard bodybuilder runner

Julia has been a prolific competitor in a variety of sports, competing internationally in bobsleigh, bodybuilding, fitness and sprinting.

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