Vegan lifter smashes personal bests

Anastasia Zinchenko just competed in Israel and set and broke her targets. She was aiming to break all personal bests.

Weighing in at 68.9 kg she competed in the 75 kg category. She started with a 130 kg squat, which was a personal best. It was initially disallowed, but reinstated based on video evidence,

Her 82.5 kg bench was another personal best. Then she added a PB 150 kg deadlift.

Anastasia holds a PhD in biochemistry from Cambridge University, and has been vegan since 2013. This was initially due to an interest in improving her performance.

“However, the more information I gained about the negative impact of factory farming, the more my decision of living a vegan lifestyle became motivated by morality. I don’t want to support something and contribute to something I consider as being wrong or unnecessary.”

She was pleased with what she’s just achieved, and keen to take it further.

Happy with my performance, but hungry for more. Can’t wait to get back to the gym again, train, improve and beat my records.”

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