Tough win for Jake Shields

Jake Shields was included as a featured athlete although we now recognise that he is not vegan.  Please read more about this here.


Jake Shields fought Tyron Woodley on June 15th in Winnipeg and came away win another victory.


It wasn’t as entertaining as a number of Jake’s fights but he stuck to a well thought through strategy to beat Woodley.  Woodley is a fighter who won his first ten professional fights before recording his only previous loss in July last year.  He also had a 36 second knockout in his UFC career and was favoured to win the fight.   He’s a champion wrestler and Jake was keen to avoid grappling.


Shields relied on low kicks while Woodley tried to land heavy punches and attempted to take his opponent down, recording eleven takedown attempts in the first two rounds.  It was noted that Jake’s cardio and perseverance were top class.


The judges decisions were split, leaving Jake to conclude that "it was a lot closer than I would have liked, but I won…I was more aggressive, even though our two styles sort of cancelled each other out.” 


He now wants to take on a higher rated opponent, in particular Jake Ellenberger who beat Shields in a fight that was soon after Shield’s father had died and in which Shields made a number of mistakes.”


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