Scott wins Vegan Athlete of the Year

Great Vegan Athletes is pleased to announce that the Vegan Athlete of the Year 2015 is ultradisance runner Scott Jurek.


Scott astounded everyone with a run which was epic even by his own standards. He completed the entire Appalachian Trail, covering 2189 miles of varying terrain across 14 states of the USA. The total height gain of 160,000 metres meant the equivalent of climbing Everest eighteen times over the course of the trek. Averaging over fifty miles per day, Scott encountered numerous challenges including one of the wettest months in Vermont’s history as he passed through.


Scott, aged 41, has been vegan for his entire running career which has brought him 24 ultramarathon victories, ten course records and seven consecutive wins at Western States 100 miles – probably the highest profile ultramarathon.


We congratulate Scott on his amazing achievements this year and his title of Vegan Athlete of the Year.


We would also like to congratulate our four other finalists.


Meagan Duhamel (pairs figure skater) won her fourth national Canadian title, Gold in the Four Continents and Gold at the World Championships.


Vlad Ixel (trail runner) won eight races over varying conditions and took six second places. He also set a course record.


Pat Reeves (powerlifting) broker her own world record and set a new one as she entered a new age class.


Heather Mills (winter sports, disability) set world records in five separate disciplines in an incredible three months of success.


We will be watching our athletes with interest as 2016 unfolds and plan to bring you more news of plant powered success via our website, Facebook and Twitter.