Scotland’s Strongest Woman is vegan!

Scotland’s history of Highland Games means it is considered the home of strength events. Vegan strongwoman Kim Best has just competed in Scotland’s Strongest Woman – with fantastic results.

The event featured four weight categories including Openweight (no limit), in which Kim entered. Six gruelling events followed.

  • Carrying a 210 kg yoke for 20 metres – Kim completed it in 24 seconds.
  • Deadlift ladder – Kim completed the 170 kg and 180 kg.
  • Sandbag carry.  Kim aimed to get the 80 kg bag 100 metres 100 metres and actually beat this by nearly 8 metres and won the event.
  • 75 kg axle overhead – four reps and the event win
  • 40 kg Rolling Thunder

Vegan Powered

The competition finished with the iconic Atlas Stones. She comfortably lifted the 120 kg stone and that was enough to win overall and take the title.

As well as being vegan, Kim is drug free. As the competition is not drug tested so she is likely to have faced steroid-using competitors.

Kim has a degree in Forensic and Analytical Science, and applies a scientific approach to her nutrition.

“I started studying sports nutrition in February” she say. “This has allowed me to understand so much more about the needs of my body during exercise and recovery. In the last week I was trying to keep things as easy and simple as possible, porridge with protein powder and berries, curries, salads, nuts and fruit. On Saturday (the day before competing) I increased my carbohydrate intake with root vegetables and rice to ensure I had sufficient glycogen on Sunday. I really struggle to eat on comp day as my anxiety is so high, but I managed my morning porridge and snacking on nuts and flapjacks.”

The 99 kg powerhouse turned vegan in 2019 after years of health conditions including IBS and kidney issues.

“I turned vegan for my health and after when I was looking for recipes and ways to get enough of each food group. I became more informed on how the animals are treated. I can’t imagine ever turning back, or understand why I even thought it was natural in the first place.”

Since then she has taken a world record in Yoke walk. She still has many more plans in the sport.

What’s next?

“Next on the agenda is our national record day on the 4th September held by my coach at Hostile Strength in Motherwell where I will be aiming to beat the Scottish Atlas Stone record over 46inch. Record currently stands at 140kg.

“Following this is Britain’s Strongest Woman on the 19th September which is being held at Doncaster Dome – events for which are to be released second week of August. In January I will be attempting to break my WR Yoke carry, the weight of which I will be attempting is remaining quiet until then.”

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