Another World Record for lifting legend Pat

Here’s some late news from Pat Reeves.  In June she competed at the World Singles Powerlifting meet where she hoped to improve on her own world deadlift record.  At age 69 she was at the older end of her age category (65-69).  She had little competition as there were no lifters over 45 in her weight and gender category.  Pat weighed in at 51.6kg to compete in the 53kg category.

She still had the World Record to attempt, and on her third lift increased it by 0.5kg to 95.5kg.

At an age when many people are aiming for less challenging pastimes, Pat has no such plans.

“I’m entering a new age category [Pat will be 70 in November 2015] so I’m hoping to post a new bench press record on 28th November.”


Tournament results (page 11)

Pat's GVA profile