Yassine runs across Oregon!

Teaming up with Scott Loughney, Yassine aimed to cross the state of Oregon along the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail in the Fastest Known Time (FTK) for a supported team. The 725 km course starts at the California border and finishes at the Bridge of the Gods as the trail enters Washington State.

23 August 2016

The trail takes in a volcanic landscape, and a drop of 960 metres into the Columbia River Gorge.

“The 453-mile journey almost broke us down physically, mentally, & emotionally” Yassine explained. “We constantly had to rally & lift our spirits as we traversed rugged terrain, snow, vicious mosquitos, lots of trees blocking the trail, & we dealt with the worst sleep deprivation I've ever experienced.”

Losing sleep

Sleep deprivation is a formidable obstacle for events like this because the clock never stops and every minute spent resting has been lost.

“I cried almost every day on the trail & it was such a cleansing & primal experience. This adventure taught us so much, brought so many people together for a great cause, & challenged us to the brink that it will likely take a long time to process it all.”

One of the runners was forced to drop out through injury. However, Yassine and his remaining colleague completed in 8days 12 hours and 5 minutes – a new record for a supported team.

“I have immense gratitude to our families & friends who supported us, & all the donors. It truly was a team effort that I'll never forget. Stay tuned for the movie! You can still kick in to our charities at www.OregonPCTproject.com "

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