World cup volleyball Gold!

Volleyball superstar Dustin Watten has rounded off a terrific season by helping his team win the World Cup in Japan.

1 October 2015

The American vegan has been playing in Ajaccio (France) before heading out to the East. The USA had to qualify for the tournament on their own continent, as all teams did apart from the hosts and reigning world champions Poland.

Each team had to play the other twelve in a league format, with the title being awarded to the winners based on points. Winners by three sets to zero or 3-1 were awarded three points, with teams winning 3-2 taking two points.

For the tournament there were 12 teams total. Each team had to qualify in their continent to get there besides Japan (host) and Poland (got their bid by winning World Championship).

America had a very successful tournament, winning ten of their eleven matches. They lost only to Poland, and were one of three teams finishing on ten wins, taking the title with thirty points. They finished with the best ratios of points won to points lost, sets won to sets lost, and lost the least sets and conceded fewest points.

They were the only team to win more than six matches 3-0. This was the first time USA have won the World Cup for thirty years.

Dustin played mostly as a defensive substitution. He told GVA that he was well catered for as a vegan in Japan. “Food was great, there was tons of miso soup, seaweed soup, rice, a Japanese pumpkin (kabocha), broccoli and of course tons of avocado and mushroom sushi.”

The wins rounded off some great successes in which Dustin has played a part.

“We placed 3rd in World League , which is a tournament of the top 25 teams in the World, and now we’ve won World Cup.” The challenges don’t end there as the win means the US team qualifies for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

“Now we will all head off to our respective professional teams (I will play in Nancy, France) until May. After that we will return to Anaheim and prepare to go to Rio and win gold.”For Dustin it will be a return to Brazil where he played in the national volleyball league.

We’ll be watching Dustin’s progress next summer and hopefully reporting more vegan achievements!

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