Vlad wins by 30 minutes in Lantau

This time he was in Hong Kong for the Lantau 50km ultramarathon.  It’s a tough race with hills all the way, and is run almost completely on trails.  “TransLantau was a hard race with a lot of elevation gain” Vlad told us, although it got a little harder when he took a wrong turning and ended up adding 5km on due to the detour.  “Its always hard to get back on track after getting lost and in your head you think that it might happen again. Lucky I got lost only once.”

1 April 2014

Despite this he still managed to win the race, in 5 hours 30 minutes, an incredible half an hour ahead of the second placed runner.

Five days later he was in Jerusalem for a road marathon which was a breathtaking route through the old city, which Vlad days he will never forget.  “Out of the few road marathons that I have done this was by far the hardest” he told us “with almost a full 42km of up and down hill running.”  This wasn’t a competitive run as he had 30km of training planned for the next day.  He still managed to complete the tough event in 2 hours 51 minutes, finishing 9th overall and second in his category.

Next in his tour is a run with his father in the Paris marathon. Vlad’s dad is also a runner and completed the first 100km ultra in the old Soviet Union in 1974.  They will be running the Paris marathon together.


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