Vlad Ixel and more trail adventures

Anyone who’s followed Vlad’s progress knows that he has a habit of picking really tough events. Tranlantau Two Peaks was no difference as the course represented a total distance of just under four kilometres – in vertical height gain.

7 October 2016

The 23 km distance is similar to a half marathon, but the height gain is exceptional. Even the Lantau 50 km, which is no race for those looking for a flat run doesn’t compare as it includes a significant height gain but over a much longer distance.

“The humidity on race day was crazy, the forecast said 92% but it felt like it was 100%” Vlad told us afterwards. “At the start line I was already dripping and after 2k of running it felt like I’d had a shower with my clothes on. The thing about humidity compared to heat is that humidity sucks all the energy out of your body, as you sweat you lose vitamins and minerals you lose energy fast and with this race being one of the hardest in Hong Kong it made things super hard.”

The mountain-running Aussie went into the race with one eye on preserving himself, as he has other training planned and a big event just weeks away.

“I started slow and just pushed the last few Ks and was lucky to win the race” he explained, having recorded a victory in 2:49:17. “The only mistake I made was how much water I had. I spent almost 3 hours running on a course that had 2000m of elevation gain in 100% humidity and I only had 500ml of water which wasn't super smart “

With so much committed training and some brutal race courses, Vlad is aware that he’s pushed his body to the limits this summer. “I have overdone it a little and paid with an ankle problem that is still healing so I’m not feeling 100% yet. But saying that I’m still training 7 days a week and building up to the World Trail Running Championships in Portugal later on this month.”

Vlad will be competing in Portugal on October 29th, we will of course be keeping you up to date.

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