Vegan Vlad wins Doi Inthanon

Vlad Ixel has a reputation for loving the courses many runners hate. He’s just reinforced that.

11 January 2023

The Australian lives in Hong Kong and has taken part on the Doi Inthanon Thailand, part of the UTMB series. At 20km the race is short by Vlad’s standards, as he has course records at 75 km and 100 km. However, this race included 1067 m of height gain. This is probably Asia’s biggest trail race.

Vlad won the race in 1:54:07. He crossed the line with his daughter and was pleased to reconnect with many friends at the event.

Vlad has been vegan since Christmas 2012, a progression from cutting out cigarettes and alcohol. He’s had countless successes since, and earlier this year competed at the World Trail Running Championships where he was the first Asia Pacific runner. He’s also taken eight race wins this year.

“Two of the best things I have ever done for myself and my body was start running and become vegan. My life is full of goals and joys and its all thank to a healthy vegan diet. Sometimes I ask myself how come not everyone is vegan? How come I never knew how good it is being vegan? I wish everyone just gave it a go for a few days/weeks and see the difference for themselves.”