Vegan Viking invades Europe and smashes records

A second European competition for Icelandic Champion Hulda B Waage gave her the opportunity to compete with Europe’s best and attempt to beat her own national records.

14 May 2018

Already there was the national coach (Hulda’s husband) who had a bath and snacks ready. Then she was ready to compete.

Hulda weighed in at 81.06 kg, and started with Squat. “Things were going disastrous” she said. “My nerves were having the best of me.” After two fails she successfully squatted 220 kg – a new Icelandic record by 2.5 kg .

She went on to bench 127.5 kg then 135 kg before failing at 140 kg. This compares with her own national record of 133 kg so is another new Icelandic record.

Deadlift was a disappointment although she did lift 170 kg. This gave Hulda a total of 525kg, a third new Icelandic record.

“I'm happy with my squat and benchpress” said Hulda afterwards. “I have no words for the deadlift except that I really learned from this and now I know that I have to work harder.”

Working harder and lifting more is very much in focus, and as always, the vegan Viking is optimistic. This is probably her only international meet this year, although she’ll still be competing in the Icelandic National competitions.

“There is a lot more in the tank. The squat was so ridiculously light. A little more work on the bench press and a whole lot of changes for the deadlift and my records will be far up by next year.”

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