Vegan track veteran’s golden performances

Seniors track athlete Ellen Jaffe Jones has had a amazing time at the Florida games with a haul of medals most athletes can only dream of.

10 January 2015

At the end of 2013 we missed Ellen’s results at the US nationals where she placed in the top 20 nationally in no less than four events. She felt that her 7th place in the 1500m was partly due to it being on the third day of competition, when fatigue was affecting non-vegans more significantly. (Results here).

In December 2014 she competed in six events, the 50 metres, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 metres – all in the femail age 60-65 category. The top four from each event earn the right to race in the Nationals in summer 2015.

Ellen’s preparation was not ideal, as aside from writing commitments she spent a lot of time in hospital with her husband following while he was ill, and was only able to run once a week. She still entered the full range of events and amazingly managed to win them all.

The publisher of ‘The Running Journal’ (which Ellen writes a column for) commented that it is unusual for a sprinter of her calibre to be a marathon finisher. Ellen has completed two full marathons and six half-marathons (placing on one). She has just placed in her 80th race at 5k or longer.

“Bottom line, with no training this year, I still managed to take Golds in all 6 events…every event I entered. Finishing in the top 4 allows me to compete at Nationals next summer!”

Ellen was also awarded the PETA title of sexiest vegan female over 50 last year.