Vegan takes Gold at National Senior Games

Senior athletics is becoming increasingly competitive, although Ellen Jaffe Jones is still making her mark.  The 66 year old vegan writer and athlete has recently competed at the nationals.

23 June 2019

It’s been noticed that people are retiring, hiring a trainer and training almost full time, while Ellen is self trained.

Endurance: seven events

Remarkably Ellen competed in all seven available distances from 50 metres to 1500 metres, having qualified for the games at State level.

Highlights included 10th in the 800 metres and also in the 1500 metres.

She also managed to compete in the relays at the end.

It wasn’t easy, as the meet at Albuquerque was at altitude.   “Most Floridians had slower times than they’re qualifying times because of the altitude and lack of oxygen. What’s important to understand about the optional relays is that they are the very last event and everyone is pretty much spent by then.”

Only two athletes competed in all seven events, Ellen was one.  A teammate collapsed the day before while racing as others did due to altitude and oxygen deprivation.

“I went to Albuquerque three days early” Ellen toldGreat Vegan Athletes “and followed all the vegan altitude recommendations including lots of water, iron-rich foods and beet juice. I ate at Whole Foods to get fresh greens and salad every night.”

This preparation and her approach to health meant she was able to compete in the relays.

“My 100 meter time in the solo race I did was 22.2, but I expect it could have been as much as a second or even two faster under pressure for the relay” she says.

Ellen’s team took first place and the Gold medal.

“We were 2 seconds off the USA track n Field record for our age group” she told us.


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