Vegan swimmer takes title at major event

Young vegan swimmer Or Tal has returned to Israel's premier competition and taken three medals.

1 April 2023

Or is a versatile and hard-working swimmer. He entered three events and took some excellent result. His 200 m win in 1:50:95 gave him Gold and an international ranking score of 776. He followed this with 50 metres in 23:47, and second in the 100 metres (51:34)

The 100 scored him 762, although it was the 200 metre score of 776 which was the highest of the competition. Or was awarded the overall Outstanding title, first place and the prize money. He was also awarded the title last year.

Still only aged 21, Or has been vegan since age 9. His training starts in the early morning at 5:15.

His family are vegan and he says “we love animals and don’t want to harm them.”

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