Vegan sports kid takes another title

Vegan sports kid Cody Elkins ended the 2019 racquetball season with another strong performance – this time at the World 3-WallBall World Jr. Championships in boys 14s.

12 October 2019

Cody already has nine Junior World Outdoor titles, and had won two world or national titles this year.

Playing in an open age category against adults in the B division, 14 year old Cody beat the national B champ and Texas age state champ. Eventually beaten, he also played in boys 14 division, taking first.

“It was tough competition because the other players were used to the courts and I had never played there” Cody told Great Vegan Athletes. “I was ill prepared to deal with the sun but once you got used to the court just a little you’re able to play through it and that how I was able to win.”

“I realized I could get the top spot when I was leading my final match. I said I can do this.”

In 15 months, Cody has won all 4 major junior racquetball or paddleball national championships, completing the ‘tiger slam’.

Vegan powered

Vegan since age 2, Cody previously told Great Vegan Athletes: “our family wants to be as healthy as possible and live a long time. Our family of six went vegan for healthreasonsand to cause less suffering but as we learn more we are happy we are taking care of the environment too and saving water.“

Cody also holds a Black Belt in karate. Maintaining a high level of fitness, he didn’t need to change much in preparation.

“Just more veggies to stay lighter and more weights for weight training which have both helped” he says.

Cody’s profile

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