Vegan runs top marathon time just months after her first

The Australian 5000 metre Olympian is transitioning to marathon, with amazing success!

8 December 2023

With a handful of full marathons under her belt, the Olympic qualifying time of 2:26:50 may have seemed ambitious for Izzi Batt-Doyle.

As one of four athletes representing Oz in the Valencia marathon, Izzi has done exactly that.

Her finishing time of 2:23:27 was over three minutes inside the qualifying time.  It destroyed her personal best and set some more records.  It’s the 5th best Australian women’s marathon of all time, and Izzi has claimed the South Australian State record.

“Wow! 4 months away from home but it was all worth it” Izzi says.  “Thanks to everyone who was a part of this result.”

Vegan runner

Izzi has been vegan since 2014.  She cut out dairy aged 16 and tried to go vegan aged 17 but was discouraged by rumours in running.

Her transition to marathon is less than a year old.