Vegan runner’s 268 mile adventure in historic ultra

The Winter Montane Spine Race is one of the most challenging ultras known, and this year the runners faced freezing conditions. Results were not what were expected.

24 January 2024

Covering 268 miles of the most scenic and demanding trails in Britain, the height gain of 10,000 metres exceeds an ascent of Everest.

Last year vegan runner Damian Hall won the event, and was back this year with his usual mix of optimism in the face of adversity, and determination.

When he crossed the line in a little over 82 hours and 25 minutes, he had completed the event in his best ever time and ahead of the previous course record. Incredibly he was beaten by his friend and rival Jack Scott.

“When you win a race, then go back the next year and run it a couple of hours quicker, it’s not unreasonable, I don’t think, to expect to have won it again” Damian reflected afterwards.

“It’s an odd feeling, to be pretty chuffed with you own performance. But to also have your butt thoroughly kicked. Nonetheless, very cool to witness British ultrarunning history.”

Damian has been vegan after considering the environmental impact of his running. “Over the past years I’ve felt very troubled by the ecological and climate emergency and what can I do about it” he says. “…it’s things like giving up dairy and animal products, cutting down on travel.”