Vegan runner named national athlete of the year

The veteran vegan has had a fantastic year on the track and road and collected titles, medals and records.  To this she adds this award from the Puerto Rico Masters Athletics Association.

3 February 2024

Anabelle Broadbent was born and raised in Puerto Rico and lives in the USA.  She still has a strong connection with her country of origin and was thrilled to be awarded this title.

“What an honor it was to receive the 2023 Female Athlete of the Year award from the Puerto Rico Masters Association” she said.  “During my acceptance speech I was overcome by emotion. It was such a moving, defining moment in my life!”

2023 was a busy year as Anabelle was working hard to build her business, Verde Ops.  She still ran 41 races, and won three Golds at the Puerto Rico National Championships.  She took  seven medals from seven events at the multi nation NCCMA and came second in the USA Track Mid Atlantic Grand Prix series.  In the national equivalent she took 4th in the US.

The PRMA President highlighted how Anabelle embraces her duality.

“One runner, two flags. I know who I am, I know my roots” Anabelle says.

The food scientist has a deep affinity for Puerto Rico, which she describes as “a small island with an obesity epidemic, along with all the diet-related chronic diseases. A small island that imports more than 85% of the food it consumes.”

“I want to change that!” she says. “I want nutritional food security for the island of Puerto Rico! I want people to move their bodies, to be physically active. I want to redefine what is possible, what health, vitality, and strength can look/be like in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond.”