Vegan powers to third national title

Vegan biker Frans Klaes has powered to his third national mountainbike title. Frans competed in the two-lap marathon in La Roche.

5 September 2022

The race went pretty perfect for me” Frans told Great Vegan Athletes. “I was most of the time in control and could pull away with 35km to go. And this time luck was on my side because I didn’t suffer any mechanicals.

“In the last 30km I could ride my own pace and consolidate my lead. In the final 10km I still had enough power to keep my pace high on the steep climbs and this allowed me to avoid risks in the tricky downhills.”

This adds to Frans’ two previous national victories in 2015 and 2016 and his World Series Marathon win in 2017.

He has been vegan since 2009 and previously explained that “My results and my performance progression shows that eating vegan is very beneficial for the health on the long term.”

Like all athletes, Frans has to get his fuel right.

“The evening before I ate a little salad (green leafs, sprouts, cucumber) with flaxseed oil and some salt. Also pasta with flaxseed oil and salt & a little bit of fresh tomato sauce. As a dessert I ate some soy yoghurt with homemade rhubarb jam.”

On the morning of the race he ate cereals prepared the night before with corn cereals, oats, chocolate, a little almond milk, some oat milk and maple syrup. 95% of what Frans eats is organic.

Frans is also a fan of Innerme vegan sports nutrition which he’s been using for the last five years. It helps him race without any digestive issues.

Congratulations on your third victory Frans!

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