Vegan powers to national strength title

Powerlifter turned strongwoman Veronique Cormier has had a fantastic result at the Canadian Nationals. The diminutive vegan has already hit World Championship totals in powerlifting and racked up eye-catching totals.

11 January 2023

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She was competing in the ~56kg category.

New to the strongwoman sport, she found the first event difficult before things started to go well.

After training with a 135 lb axle she failed to get a rep at 140 lb.

Event 2 was a 150lbs sandbag with a 300lbs frame carry and she took second.

Next was a 270lbs car deadlift for reps. She managed 13 reps and took second.

As if that wasn’t enough she carried a 360lbs yoke which went really well and gave her an event win.

To finish she had a 180 lb atlas stone lift. She managed 5 reps and won the event. “This was hands down my favourite event and a big rep PR” she said.

The new Canada’s Strongest Woman for her weight class has been vegan since 2019. She made the change for ethical reasons centred primarily on animal cruelty.

Veronique eats a lot of tofu, rice and different types of beans and other legumes. She also has a business called Leafy Gains where she bakes high protein cookies, and they play a part in her nutrition plan too.