Vegan powers to a new American record

Vegan powerlifter Yolanda Presswood has broken the State and National USA record for squat.

8 October 2017

“I fought so hard to get to this moment” the Californian said afterwards. “2017 has been a really rough year. I entered 3 meets and had to drop out due to several life occurrences for my family including 2 deaths.”

This time Yolanda squatted 128kg (283lb) to take the Californian and USA records for squat at 67.5kg, age 40-44. Incredibly she achieved this after weighing in at a mere 60.8kg, meaning she was at the bottom of the weight category and close to qualifying for the category below, where she normally competes.

“I also took 1st place over the previous record holder and was awarded best lifter of all masters.” Her Bench of (62.5kg) 137lb also broke the State record.

Vegan power!

Yolanda has been lifting for five years, and vegan for the last seven.

“I went vegan back in 2010 after reading a little book called ‘the ultimate ph solution’. It was not a pro vegan book per se, it spoke on the acidic nature of animal flesh and products in our bodies. I had already been predominantly dairy free since I was 19. Being health conscious it made sense to cut out all animal products. I decided I’d look deeper and picked up Alicia Silverstones book ‘The kind diet’. It was there that my eyes were opened to the atrocities animals suffer every day.”

Congratulations Yolanda!

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