Vegan powerlifters take honours at European Championships

Dawid Kawka had another fantastic competition in the men’s European Classic Powerlifting Championships. Meanwhile Sophia Ellis took the women’s event by storm.

11 January 2023

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Dawid the Polish powerhouse has attracted attention for his amazing totals in the 74 kg category. However, his phenomenal squats have been even more amazing.

This time was no exception as his 262.5 kg squat was the top squat in the category. While powerlifters often aim for a double bodyweight squat, Dawid’s was over 3.5 times his.

He went on to bench 172.5 kg and deadlift 282.5 kg. He came close to lifting 295 kg. The 717.5 kg gave him 4th overall.

“This is my personal best also in this weight category” Dawid told us afterwards. Although we wondered if it could have been even more if he’d slept better the night before. He had “a very uncomfortable bed and big city noises. So I can do even better if I learn how to sleep in different places with different conditions.”

He’s also committed to learning as much as he can.

Lifting wisely

“I build my own programming, based on many articles, books and other athletes programs. But, training without eating will be not effective.”

Many competitive powerlifters aim for a total which is six times bodyweight. Dawid’s long term aim is ten times his. This one was over 9.7.

Dawid has been vegan since 2014, making the change after learning about it online. He eats a lot of rice, quinoa, red lentils and fruit.

“Good coaches who are more driven by science than strange beliefs know that people can get every substance and nutrient from plants” he says.

Also at the competition was British lifter Sophia Ellis. Previous successes include three British titles and records and British and European level.

Sophia had an amazing competition in the 76kg category. She squatted 165 kg then benched 122.5 kg. Her deadlift was 240.5, which gave her a 528 kg total. This meant she got gold for bench, deadlift and total.

The deadlift was also a British and European record, and the total was a British record.