Vegan Power at the world championships

As 2023 closed, this champion Swedish vegan went into the World Championships with three competitions close behind her. The mighty Swede left with mixed feelings about her performance, although she still totalled 560 kg and finished 6th.

29 January 2024

Competing in the ~84 kg category Fia Kamlund took a 222.5 kg squat and benched 147.5 kg.  Her deadlift was 190 kg.

A few hip issues and a difficulty to find a few extra kills to make a difference left her aware she could have done more, although she noted how her bench had improved.

“In a few months 147.5 kg has become a comfortable entrance to bench” she says. “Before August my PB was 145 kg.”

Vegan power

Fia has been vegan for over 11 years now following several years vegetarian.

“When I realised the connection between meat industry and how they treated animals also in milk and egg industry I went vegan” she says.