Vegan fighter takes world title #10

He's been vegan for decades and is known as a world leading practitioner in BJJ.

6 January 2024

Veteran Brazilian Jui Jitsu legend David Meyer has returned to the mat with a comfortable win to win his tenth world title.

Now in the Black Belt Master 7 middle heavy category he competed at the IBJJF no gi World Championship in Las Vegas.

“I won on points and felt in control for the whole fight” David told us afterwards.

Now in his late 50s, David turned vegetarian in college and vegan soon afterwards.  He is a great advocate for animals and founded a website to help people adopt animals from shelters and has always been keep to encourage people to go vegan.  He’s known to compete against elite men much younger than him.

“But I think my age is part of the story” he says “because being vegan I think is a big part of how I am still able to compete.”

Congratulations to David on taking his world titles to double figures!