Vegan fighter leads the medal haul

London’s James Southwood continues to prove he is a world force in fight sport Savate with a solid performance at the Budapest Open in Hungary. His third appearance at the friendly, the tournament reflected James efforts not only in developing his own abilities but also in his coaching.

1 February 2018

Fighting three times, James faced a Hungarian first before taking on a Serbian fighter ahead of the final. There he faced a Belgian fighter for the Gold. James reflected that not everything was perfect and he only developed the desired ‘headspace’ in the final fight.

“My form was good, my focus lacking in places” he explained afterwards. James won the final unanimously (as he did the previous fights), leaving him undefeated in three visits to the event. The victory may have been rewarding, although James felt more rewarded by other things.

“I was pleased more with my students from the London club, all of whom fought with great spirit and energy, two gaining gold along with me. We received several compliments from other coaches about the standard of competition, which is the real reward after all their well delivered effort.”

Vegetarian from birth, James turned vegan as a teenager so now has over 20 years – and countless sporting successes – as a vegan.

At 38 James’s experience and coaching skills are invaluable, but he is also focused on his own competitive career. “Next up is a smaller event – the Northern Irish Open, then I'm going to Helsinki in March where the French police team – including my opponent from the 2014 World final – await me.”

We’ll keep you posted.

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