Vegan fencer reclaims world #1 ranking

Vegan Fencer Vivian Kong is World Number One again after a win in Columbia.

15 May 2023

Competing in Epee, Vivian is the first fencer from Hong Kong to gain the world’s top ranking after taking it in 2019. She regained it by taking Gold, beating the world #3 in the final. 184 fencers contested the women’s Epee.

The Grand Prix is part of the qualification process for the 2024 Olympics; Vivian is hoping to compete in her third Olympics next year.

Vivian has been vegan since 2017.

“I saw all the benefits of being vegan; the ethical, the environmental, the social” she says.

She also discovered other benefits.

“I am recovering a lot faster, I get muscle pain but it goes away really quickly. I have become so much stronger after turning vegan.”