Vegan Athlete of the Year 2013

It’s that time of year again ….

3 December 2013

Who was the greatest vegan athlete in 2013? We want you to decide.

At the end of 2012five athletes were nominated (Patrik Baboumian, Meagan Duhamel, Andy Lally, Fiona Oakes and Sarah Stewart) with Patrik taking home the 2012 title.

Since then many vegan athletes have had a great 2013 but who had the best? See our news tab for some of the acheivements by vegan athletes during 2013.

Nominations are open till the end of November so let us know who you think should be on the shortlist.

You can email us, message us on Facebook or Tweet us.

Voting will run till midnight UK time on the 31st of December.

image courtesy of Mr Dayson Flickr