Vascular Vegetarian wrestles the world title away

Austin Aries returned to the ring following his departure from WWE and wasted no time in grabbing the headlines.

24 January 2018

The 39 year old vegan has won numerous titles with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling including being one of only three wrestlers to win the triple crown. He’s recently joined Impact wrestling and was wrestling for the world title.

Challenging Global Champion Eli Drake, Impact revealed the result on Twitter ahead of a broadcast, explaining that Aries had taken the belt.

"Not only did Austin Aries return, but he did so in a MAJOR WAY!” Impact announced. “Aries came face to face with Global Champion Eli Drake and has completely flipped IMPACT upside down.

"Aries was able to defeat Eli Drake and is now Global Champion! It will all happen on IMPACT in the coming weeks with immediate questions about the status of now Global Champion, Austin Aries."

Last year Aries, also known as ‘The Vascular Vegetarian’ and the ‘Most Valuable Vascular Vegetarian’ released a book on his journey that took him to veganism and finding nutritious food that benefits his career.

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