Snooker’s vegan thunder makes history (twice)

Australian potter Neil Robertson had sports writers flicking through the archive as her wrapped up the final of the European Masters in double quick time.

28 January 2020

Taking the final 9 frames to nil meant that just one frame was played in the second session – and it was the first time a major two-session snooker final had been won without conceding a frame in the final since Steve Davis did the same in 1989.

The win also means that this is the fifteenth consecutive season that Neil has won a ranking tournament.

‘The press were letting me know about it as I was going further and further that it could be 15 years in a row winning a tournament,’ he said in a press interview “I’m not sure how many players have done that, but it’s certainly a fantastic achievement for myself.”


In a sport where players constantly face the threat of young talent, staying at the top of his game for such a long time is an incredible achievement and one which nutrition seems to play a part.

“I felt I needed to eat healthier to give my self the chance to get the most out of my career. I was pretty interested in the vegan diet for months before I decided to give it a try through speaking to Peter Ebdon who has been vegan for about 3 years now”  Neil told Great Vegan Athletes in 2015.

“I always start the day with a carrot juice with my juicer followed by a 6 banana smoothie with half a bag of kale for breakfast. I bring another smoothie with me to the club which has another 6 bananas in it mixed with some other fruit. When I get home I make a salad and for dinner usually a pasta or rice dish.”

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