‘Savage’ fighter wins a shot at the British title

Vegan boxer Cheavon Clarke continued his unbeaten professional career with an accomplished win over potential title challenger David Jamieson.

15 June 2023

Following a successful amateur career which included the Tokyo Olympics, Cheavon faced a fighter who experts thought would test him.  The fight was an final eliminator for a shot at the British Crusierweight title.

Described as ‘a punch perfect display’ and ‘savage’, Cheavon was in control of the match from early stages.  He dropped Jamieson in the fourth and fifth rounds before the referee stopped the contest.

Cheavon has been vegan since 2018.  He says it’s easier to digest and return to training.

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinion and it’s not for me to try and correct them” he says. “I just do what I do and they’ll see the results. And then they have to check themselves.”