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Paolo Barbon took on an event few would contemplate when he entered the 24 hour Bellaria Igea Marina.

28 September 2019

The mountain bike event follows a loop course which was sure to challenge the endurance of all entrants.  Almost completely flat, it offered no relief as riders often welcome the rest offered by a descent.

“The ground was very uneven” said Paolo.  “There were many small continuous jumps and a continuous vibration throughout the race.”

“For me it was a very, very tough race. This year I suffered a lot and then it was really cold at night, the temperature was very low and below 10 degrees and there was a lot of humidity.”

Of 34 finishers, Paolo finished 18th .  He was 5th of 14 in his category.

The Italian has been vegan since 2004 and is involved in ‘Bike for Animals’ to raise awareness of animal issues including bullfighting and veganism.

He previously told Great Vegan Athletes “I want to underline that my decision was an empathic and ethical choice”.

“Empathy towards animals is something that I have always had in me since childhood.


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