Pat’s world deadlift record

Powerlifter Pat Reeves has made further progress this year with a lift that broke her own world record.

15 November 2013

The 67 year old (now 68 year old) veteran competed in the women’s Masters (6) category this summer in Antwerp and moved her own deadlift record up to 94.5kg.

This was a small increase although it was in difficult circumstances. Pat’s health has been troubling and the therapies for her long term cancer (which originally prompted her to go vegan) have caused kidney issues.

Despite this she has continued working, training and refereeing. This includes some long term treatment abroad, refereeing at every international WDFPF powerlifting event and hosting two events.

We wish Pat well for her continued determined battles in training and in treating her health and look forward to the competition results she hopes to achieve in 2014.

Pat’s GVA profile