Patrik excels in European Powerlifting Championships

June 2012 – Germany’s Strongest Man Patrik Baboumian has been competing in Naantali, Finland in the European Raw Powerlifting championships.

16 June 2012

The championships did not go entirely to plan, with Patrik suffering an episode of suspected food poisoning and an accident in the squat. Despite this he put in an impressive overall performance.

The digestive issues affected Patrik’s circulation and caused dehydration, which seemed to impair his performance.

During a 330 kg squat attempt he failed and spotters were not able to intervene quickly enough, leaving the bar to full forward on his neck.

Fortunately he was not seriously injured and manage to go ahead with the other lifts. He also won the squat as his previous lift of 300kg was valid, and in doing so set a new European record. However, the accident discouraged him from increasing the weight to the levels he has achieved in training.

He completed a bench press of 200kg which looked comfortable, but failed an attempt at 207.5kg Patrik’s deadlift of 300kg was disallowed as he was not wearing shoes, although he went on to lift 330kg, and finished with a total of 830kg.

This was the highest overall total of the competition.

Report in Bodybuilding magazine

Patrik squats 300kg:

330kg squat failed attempt:

Bench Pressing 200kg:

Deadlifting 330kg: