Monster bench takes the title and record for vegan lifter

Lifelong vegetarian Noah Hannibal has stormed to success in a national powerlifting competition.  As well as taking Gold in his division he also broke the all-time Australian Masters bench record.

17 September 2022

Noah has been vegan since 1991 and vegetarian from birth. He has previously has been Australia and Oceania Bench Champion three times.  He was competing in the Masters Heavyweight division and benched an incredible 182.5 kg.  The IPF federation is drug tested and Noah is a lifetime drug free athlete.

“I got involved in powerlifting to try to show you don’t need animal products to be strong” Noah says. “Hopefully this record goes some way towards supporting that point.”

A long-term volunteer at Vegan Easy, Noah has played a part in spreading the message of cruelty-free strength.  He hopes this will also help people cast aside their preconceptions about vegan diets.

His next competition is with team Plantbuilt at the Mr America Sports Festival. Plantbuilt is a team of vegan athletes who compete alongside non-vegans with the goal of showing that vegans can not only be competitive at high levels of sport, but that they can win.