Meagan wins Gold in Canada!

Meagan Duhamel took part in the Canadian nationals this January, winning Gold after a successful routine with her partner Eric Radford. Although this is only their second season together they scored 129.19, which places them among the top teams internationally.

1 May 2012

“Eric moved away from home when he was 13, and I moved away when I was 14 with a sole purpose to win a national title,” Duhamel said. “It took 12 years. It took a long time, but we never lost hope. That was the one thing we had going for us through all the ups and downs, in singles and pairs, with our other partners. With each other, we always believed."

Golden Skate website described their performance as ‘magic’ and noted that their score could have been even higher. “With a tight landing on the throw triple Salchow and a downgrade call on their triple Lutz combination, Duhamel and Radford could have still topped 130 points—a true benchmark of excellence—but they were definitely not about to split hairs over their score.”

“After coming home from the Nationals my mom ordered me some vegan cupcakes from a bakery in Montreal called "Shi Shi". They were amazing!!!!! That was my celebratory snack.”

We caught up with her in early February, the day before she left for another competition, in Colorado. “I just finished making some oatmeal peanut butter cookies and chocolate cupcakes to bring with me to celebrate there after the competition is finished.”

Congratulations from and good luck in Colorado!

Magazine report of the win