Meagan Duhamel at Skate Canada 2013

Meagan Duhamel and her skater partner Eric Radford returned to the international Skate Canada competition hoping to match last year’s amazing silver medal.

2 November 2013

The pair are known for technically tight performances rather than high artistic scores.  After the first routine they were leading, having completed a triple twist and three elements at the difficult level four.  They scored 69.57, some five points higher than last year.

Unusually for them their energetic performance was marred by some technical errors which cost them dearly. The performance was extremely well received by the crowd earning them a standing ovation.

Much of the technical low scoring was due to a lift which did not go to plan, leaving many to speculate about Meagan’s shoulder injury just three weeks previously.

“Through rehab we had to change the technique on the lift a little bit” explained Eric, while Meagan felt that the lift “went up in a funny spot.”

In top level competition these events make large differences and their score left them in third place winning Bronze medals.

Despite a third place in this top level international competition the pair are looking to improve and will pay attention to their strengths and weaknesses from this performance.

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