League record falls to vegan basketballer

Ex NBA player Cleanthony Early has moved to Taiwan - and broken the league record for points in a game.

26 January 2023

The 31 year old has previously played for New York Knicks.  In his record-breaking performance Cleanthony scored an incredible 56 points in the 112-108 win.

The performance was appreciated by those who had seen Early play in the States.


“The performance was Early at his peak: draining difficult jump shot after difficult jump shot, then letting his opponent know about it in his Bronx bravado”.  (Wichita Eagle).

He scored 21 baskets from the field.  Following the game he was averaging 38 points per game after three games.

In 2017 Cleanthony turned vegan after eight months as a pescatarian.“I feel much better. I feel really good” he said. “I always felt good but there’s some health things that I read up on that in the long run I’m trying to avoid by eating healthier.” He reported a loss of weight of 10lb (5.5kg). He said it enabled him to reshape his body and up his conditioning.