Julia’s vegan lifts take her to the world stage

Julia Trezise-Conroy is extending her reputation from New Zealand to the World Stage. She’s emphasised this by qualifying for the IPL Worlds, and now has multiple National records to her name.

29 October 2017

The mega-lifts occurred at the IPL New Zealand Nationals. She was unopposed in her category although she came 3rd overall as the organisers used the Wilks points record. (This is a points system which enables lifters to be compared across different weight categories.) This compared her against lifters who competed unequipped (as Julia did), classic raw, single-ply and multiply.

Competing at ~52kg, down from her usual ~56kg category. She broke all the powerlifting records in her class, with a 90kg squat, a 60kg bench and a 130kg deadlift – breaking the record for the total, with 280kg.

In her ~56kg category she has also recently broken the National record with a 100kg squat.

In the process Julia qualified for international competition. “I qualified for this year's IPL World Champs in Vegas and IPL Drug-Tested World Champs in Atlanta. I'll be going to both competitions and am pretty confident to total 300kg+ at both.”

“The weights of the records will each be my openers at Worlds so things are looking up” Julia told our site.

Julia expects far more from her lifting. “I feel like I still have a long way to go before I reach my upper limits, so it's exciting to be at the start of this journey.”

This may start at the IPL World Championships and the IPL World Drug-Tested World Championships, both of which Julia is planning to lift at this year.

“I hope to update you with good results after Worlds!” she tells us.

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