Julia aims for the top spot

“I competed at the UNBA Universe last year and won the Amateur Tall Figure, Figure Overall and won my IPE pro card” Julia explained. “I wanted to return to the event this year and compete in Pro category at the Universe. Moving up to the pro league can be tough as the standard is very high so I have spent the year working on bringing an improved package to bring to the stage.”

31 August 2017

The California event is the pinnacle competition for the UNBA comp calendar. Julia found that her predictions about the high standard were correct. In particular there was one other competitor who Julia felt was capable of taking the top place. In the end it was Julia who took first place in the Pro Open Figure category.

She was thrilled with the result and felt it reflected the hard work and attention to her preparation.

“Ultimately I focus on competing with myself, as that’s all you can control.”

“The whole event was well organised, friendly and a high standard. I had such an amazing experience!”

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