Joni tries Highland Games!

Strongman Joni Purmonen has been continuing to compete and has just taken on two tough tournaments.

13 August 2013

First was a more traditional strongman event which included the challenge of 28 degree heat. It included competitors in the open weight category as well as Joni’s under 105kg weight range, all completing the same events.

The first event was a Keg Toss which involves throwing 5 beer kegs over a 4.5 metre bar. This was not a good event for Joni as he couldn’t get the directory right, despite some kegs going much higher than necessary.

Next was a favourite event, flipping a 280kg tyre, in which he placed much better. He then managed eight reps of a 90kg log, below his training best of 13.

Last event was for maximum deadlift, with a frame, which he managed at 320kg.

Overall Joni beat a number of the higher weight competitors and finished 3rd among the 105kg men.

Next were the Highland Games. The events here are much more technique oriented, and against an unknown field in a new sport Joni expected a low placing in the final tables.

The throw was a good example of the need for technique training and without the method nailed Joni was keen to move onto the next event, 7.2 kg shot putt, which went a lot better.

The weight for height event involves throwing a 20kg weight, which he got up to 4:10 and was pleased with. The hammer throw was another good event before a very tough 4.5m caber toss. Like most competitors Joni didn’t complete a throw on the monster log.

Overall he was pleased.

“My result in placing was good, I can’t expect to do much more in a new sport without any real training. It was really fun, but the lack of technique training showed and kind of dampened it a bit.”

Joni’s continuing to train and use different techniques and events, so we hope to hear more from the Finnish strongman in the future.