Fiona Oakes takes another step towards a World Record

Fiona travelled to Atlantic City USA for her 4th marathon in 7 weeks.

24 October 2013

There were a few hitches on the way including confiscation of fruit supplies (US immigration does not permit fruit or vegetables to be brought in). Later there was some extreme noise problems from adjoining rooms which was eventually solved by moving rooms but not after until there were only a few hours left to grab some sleep.

The race itself started under wet conditions with some high winds. Part was on the boardwalk which becomes slippery under wet conditions and at 21 miles there was a tough headwind.

With the hectic schedule of races in addition to the demands of the sanctuary she runs, Fiona was not looking for a particularly fast time. She still finished in 3 hours 10 minutes, 18th overall and 4th woman, winning her age category, and this is another qualifying time for a championship place at London marathon.

As with some of the previous 4 legs this was a good opportunity to spread the vegan message and Fiona spoke to media and met a lot of other runners. There was good attendance at the race from supporters of the American Vegan Society and No Meat Athlete so in addition to a good time there was some excellent publicity.

Since then Fiona has been suffering from some sort of bug or infection and has been struggling. She has the sixth leg of the eight leg marathon record attempt left to achieve in just a few days so is eagerly trying to recover her normal health.

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