Fiona Oakes runs in the Arctic marathon

Fiona spends her life caring for animals and currently cares almost singlehandedly for over two hundred dogs, horses, pigs, cats and sheep. She is also dedicated to promoting the vegan diet, which has taken her to top marathons where she has won top places (including wins and course records), the fastest marathon inside the arctic circle and she has completed the Marathon des Sables across the Sahara desert, probably the toughest footrace in the world.

31 March 2013

Now she is taking on the North Pole marathon in temperatures expected to average -30 to -40 centigrade. The marathon takes place on April 9th.

“It is something only a handful of people have achieved and very few women” said Fiona. “I have complete, one hundred per cent faith that my diet will give me everything that my body needs to perform well. It has never let me down in the past. When I’m at a race, people are quite surprised that I can do what I do on a vegan diet. I always produce a good run, no matter what.”

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