Fiona Oakes’ Casablanca Marathon

Fiona’s preparation for the Casablanca leg of the record attempt was not ideal as it followed close behind her Atlantic City marathon and she had just caught a flu bug. Her duties at the sanctuary meant she was unable to rest.

27 October 2013

Questions were asked about whether this was possible and she decided to press on.

If you were expecting a failure to finish or an uncharacteristic slow time you might be surprised. Although we don’t have a full race report yet we know that Fiona has finished, and recorded a London Marathon championship time, which means that yet again she has finished in under 3 hours 15.

We have also heard that she started the race with a temperature and is currently feeling the after effects of the massive effort she must have put in. We are hoping to read a full race report soon and will update this page when we do.

Fiona is still looking for financial support and would welcome anything you can offer here.

Fiona’s GVA profile