Fiona is Vegan Athlete of the Year 2014!

Great Vegan Athletes is proud to announce that the Vegan Athlete of the Year 2014 (aka #veganathlete2014) is Fiona Oakes!

28 December 2014

Great Vegan Athletes is proud to announce that the Vegan Athlete of the Year 2014 (aka #veganathlete2014) is Fiona Oakes!

Fiona has been a finalist in each of the three years the award has been contested and this year adds it to her World Records.

During 2014 Fiona was confirmed as the holder of three Guinness world records – the fastest aggregate time for a marathon on each continent, shortest elapsed time for the same set of marathons, and also the quickest elapsed time for marathons on all continents and the polar ice cap.

The 45 year old went on to break two of the records during the year by running a 3.09 marathon in Rio, and then completed 7 marathons in 7 days, finishing win a victory by a large margin on November 1st – world vegan day.

"To be honest, I am so proud, honoured and really pleased to hear this news!" Fiona told us. "It has been a tough year with the running – basically trying to fit all the training in to convert from Marathon runner to 'ultra Marathon runner'. Still don't think I am anywhere near and not sure I will ever really get there but I can but keep trying."

"I was delighted to put right the 'wrongs' of the South American leg of the World Record with my run in Rio in late July. I had hoped to just get a decent(ish) time there but to come top 10 in the biggest race in South America without any preparation was far beyond my wildest dreams. To take nearly 3 hours off that World Record was totally beyond my expectations but I honestly find that if I run for the animals, rather than myself, so much more is possible."

Fiona is passionate about veganism and has been vegan since she was a teenager. Her training has all been fitted in around extensive demands on the animal sanctuary she runs almost singlehandedly and includes horses, ponies, sheep, dogs, pigs and other animals.

Today she told us: "I will use this Award to highlight their plight wherever I can and to hopefully gain more publicity for what we all believe in. I want to take the message of a cruelty free lifestyle and compassion to every living creature to every Continent with my next event. Thank youso much to all who voted for me and for all the other wonderful sporting Animal Ambassadors out there – whether nominated or not – you are all winners in my book! Thank you so much for everything you all do!"

Great Vegan Athletes would like to congratulate Fiona on all her successes. The record represents one of the most challenging and physically demanding on all levels of any in the book and we’re delighted that this has also led Fiona to win a deserved Vegan Athlete of the Year award.

However, Fiona has not finished taking on momentus challenges and plans the '777' in February 2015 – seven marathons in seven continents in seven days! We will of course be following her closely.

We would like to thank all our finalists for their participation and congratulate all on their achievements. The standard was high this year with all athletes completing significant accomplishments at international level. More votes were received than ever before, so we would also like to thank everyone who voted and publicised the award.

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