Fight night for the Fury

Claire Foreman had an interstate fight which attracted attention and gave her an excellent opportunity to show her abilities.

19 October 2016

Her opponent was a fighter from Western Australia with height and reach on her side. Claire went into the fight with a record of fifteen wins from seventeen fights.

“She was a lot taller than me with a longer reach,” said Claire when we caught up wither her after the fight. “I’d never fought anyone taller than me before so I had to work at breaking her range and keeping away from her teeps (front kicks). She came at me with a lot of elbows as well so had to be careful of those.”

The fight went well for Claire who put in a relentless attack of body kicks and body crosses.

“She was really tough, had a lot of heart and kept coming at me but I felt I just had more ring experience, strength and work rate…She was good and checking though, so my shins are very sore! I landed some good knees in the grapple also, I thought I was going to stop her in the first and second but she came back strong.”

The fight went the full distance, although Claire was given a clear win.

The rewards of hard work

Training has been committed as always. She and her trainer have just moved to a new gym.

“We’ve just moved locations and merged with a well established MMA Gym. So it’s been great to have a bigger team around me and professional facilities

“I’ve put on muscle and have gone up a weight class which so far has worked really well for me, I feel much more powerful and don’t have to diet strictly to get down to fight weight.”

With so much success in Australia, Claire is now looking further afield.

“Next Fight is in December and next year I’m hoping to head to America! Jump on to my Instagram page or follow me on Facebook.”

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