End of Year triumphs for long-distance Vlad

The last part of the year included a hectic four weeks of intense racing.

18 December 2015

Vlad took on The North Face Singapore 50k race in October in extreme heat, finishing in third place, a second behind second place in under four hours. The next week he won the Hong Kong Rally 30k and followed it with a win the week after at the Xterra 30k. Finishing the four weeks of racing he ran The MSIG 50k where he finished 2nd place in a strong field.

This led Vlad to his ‘favourite race’, the North Face Hong Kong 100k. With 6000 metres of height gain and 85% humidity on the day this high profile race was a tough one. Vlad walked away with the win. He was in contact with us soon afterwards.

“Training in Hong Kong has been hard as it’s almost the end of November and it’s still 30 degrees most days so most days I’ve been putting in 2 runs one in the morning one in the afternoon. My goal going into an 100k race is to have 4 to 6 weeks where I run over 140k a week with 4000m of gain a week. That makes me do some races on very tired legs but it’s all good training!”

He’s also looking forward to 2016.

“I think 2016 can be a good year for me as I start to really know my body and know when to push and when to rest so I’m looking forward to a big 2016 and maybe even my first 100 mile race.”

His year includes:

  • Cheung Chau New Year Race 10k, Hong Kong – 2nd
  • King of the hills 35km trail, Hong Kong – 2nd
  • The North Face 50km, Thailand – 2nd
  • AVOHK Trail Race 12k, Hong Kong – 1st (course record)
  • TransLantau 100km, Hong Kong – 1st
  • Terian Trail Challenge 25km, Malaysia – 1st
  • Country Of Origin 30km team trail race, Hong Kong -1st
  • Israel Ultramarathon Championships 60k trail, Israel – 2nd (4:09)
  • Haifa Stair race, Israel – 4th
  • Mid Summer Race 15k, Hong Kong 15k – 2nd
  • MSIG Singapore 50k, Singapore – 6th
  • Lantau Vertical Race, Hong Kong – 2nd
  • UTMF (STY) 80k, Japan – 4th
  • The North Face 50k, Singapore – 3rd
  • Rally TT 30k, Hong Kong – 1st
  • Xterra 30k, Hong Kong – 1st
  • MSIG 50k, Hong Kong – 2nd
  • TNF Hong Kong 100k – 1st

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