Emotional response as national record gets smashed

Hulda B Waage has smashed her own national record in the Icelandic Benchpress Championships.  The massive 150kg lift adds to her fantastic range of records in the country known for strength sports.

16 September 2019

The lift means she’s leading the pack by a long way – the previous record (which was Hulda’s) was 140kg.  This means she’s added a large chunk to the national best and leaves a large margin before her nearest rival.

“I almost, or actually did cry a little bit” Hulda told Great Vegan Athletes.  “I’ve been benching this weight at training for more than a year but didn’t manage while competing until today. It was so satisfying!”

Powerlifting meets give participants three lifts, and Hulda actually broke her record with a 142.5 kg lift on the second lift.

Unsurprisingly, she has been working hard – although wasn’t convinced of her progress.  “I have felt like I’m constantly working and putting in work without gaining but I saw today that I’ve actually been doing well. I think everything is going according to plan.”

The Vegan Viking

Hulda has long held all the national records available to her.  She turned vegan in 2014 after discovering it as a teenager.

“…I was watching videos on YouTube thinking about how I was going to lose weight after having my younger daughter. I went through videos of Raw Christina, followed by Earthlings. Suddenly I remembered how much veganism meant to me and how I had blocked my feelings towards the meat, dairy and egg industry for all those years. No more! So in a week or so I went vegan.”

Hulda was voted Vegan Athlete of the Year in 2017.

She’ll find out soon if she’s made similar progress with her squat and deadlift.

“Next month will be the nationals and in two months I will be in Dubai competing at the IPF World Championships.” 

Hulda’s profile

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