Course record claimed by vegan Harvey Lewis

Harvey Lewis just completed his 11th ultra of the year – and claimed a course record.

11 January 2023

The 12-hour race for distance followed 18 hours of rain. The course was muddy and just got worse as it went on. Runners ay te Tennessee Mile followed a 1.1 mile loop with 340 feet (103.6 meters) height gain. They keep count of their laps using coloured clothes pegs.

Harvey had an eye on the course record of 45 loops (49.5 miles). He kept going to the end, clocking up just over 50 loops. His total distance was 55 miles with a height gain of 15,700 feet (5698 metres). This is more than Mount Whitney.

Harvey has been vegetarian for 26 years and vegan for 6. He’s won some of the top ultramarathons including Badwater (twice). Last year he set the record for the Backyard format, running for 3.5 days.