Cody plays in the World Championships

He had previously won four World Outdoor Championships in the Junior divisions before 2017 and had been USA Racquetball National Singles Indoor Champion in the Juniors 8 and Under division. He's also got a black belt in karate and spoken out on the subject of veganism.

12 July 2017

This July the World Outdoor Racquetball Championships came to Huntington Beach, California, Cody entered against the world’s best.

The competition was on a ‘Round Robin’ format with each competitor playing all the others.

Cody’s father Brett watched him fight in some close matches: “Cody had several close matches that he had to come back behind to win and go 9-0 overall. He even beat the 5 time world pro champions kid for the second year in a row.”

Winning all matches gave Cody the title and an amazing four Gold medals. He won boys age 12 years group and playing in the older boy’s age 14 category, won Gold in that category too. He also won the boys’ 10-12 overall and the combined junior age 14 and under.

Cody was thrilled to have achieved so much at such a high level.

“It feels great to be a World Champion” he told us soon afterwards “because all the hard training helped you get to the highest level of play in the tournament and it's nice to see the reward of training hard.”

“I have been working out hard doing stationary bike, running miles around my neighborhood and playing all the time and being coached by some top racquetball players and sending videos to the coaches and they show what I am doing wrong. I am really focused on improving and getting better stronger and quicker.“

Cody’s enthusiasm for sport seems to be undimmed and being vegan is clearly no barrier to success. He feels that he’s proving this.

“I just want people to know that you can be vegan, and get enough protein from plant based sources to be able to compete in highly competitive sports.”

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